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Hassles An ideal companion for "Exhale" & equally wonderful. I just love the guitar work too. A fantastic band.
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a triptych of songs, bundled as EP 'EXIT', released in September 2015. Available on limited edition cassettes.


released September 19, 2015

Recorded may 2015 by Berend van Eerden at WOW Amsterdam, the Netherlands. | All Songs performed by Simone van Vugt and Alexander van den Kleyenberg | Choir song 2; Charlot Henzen, Remy de Boer, Jasja Offermans, Chino Ayala, David Stapel, Diede Claesen | Music and words by Simone van Vugt | Produced by Berend van Eerden and Simone van Vugt | Mixed by Berend van Eerden | Masterd by Hans Weekhout at Mixondemand | Artwork by Simone van Vugt | All songs copyright Bixby 2015 | All rights reserved |



all rights reserved


Bixby Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Bixby is an Amsterdam-based musical collective formed around singer/songwriter Simone van Vugt. Inspired by artists such as The Veils, Laura Marling, Daughter and The National, Van Vugt combines dreamy pop songs with an occasional roaring outburst and folky influences. She contemplates the ongoing battle between head and heart, having to leave the confines of adolescence and move towards adulthood ... more

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Track Name: A happy man

He lives in shadows of the caves we call our home,
Not hiding, but never present, he likes to be on his own.
You'll never find him bothers by the ways we think we act,
He's just sitting there stubborn, always caught up in his facts.
But I think he's a happy man in his solitude,
But I would like the rest of the world to know him the way that I do.

He's not a talker but when he does, he's always right.
Never ends his discussions and we always get in a fight.
He's more of a listener but never interested in what I say.
He's always caught in his own wondering, but I like him that way.
And I think he's a happy man in his solitude,
But I would like the rest of the world to know you, the way that I do.

I know I'm just a girl, but I'm a woman to be.
I'll be good to you and if you still don't I will make you see,
that the only thing that I want for you from the bottom of my heart,
is a happy life and if you like, I will play the missing part.
And I'll make you a happier man, leave your solitude,
cause I would like to show the rest of the world, how much I love you.
Track Name: The Fog
I want to follow the fog, in which the horses run free.
The calming sigh of the morning, it's where my home used to be.

I want to follow the fog, in which the sugar beets grow.
Heron, Queens of the ditch and the Sunday morning glow.

All the things I lost with time,
all th things we always have to leave behind.
Memories of blackened fame,
cross the roads of my ever running brain.

I want to go home, where the graveyard is still alive.
cause over here we live in the rush of our everyday lives.
Track Name: Run

Run, Run for your life,
Stay, Stay for the night.
If you want to live, leave me behind.

Hate with all of your heart,
Stop believing it’s hard.
If you want to live, Run away far.

Find somebody new,
It’s your right, not to stick with the blues.
If you want to live, live with all that you are,
if you want to love, love her with all of your heart.

Don’t lead me this way,
I can’t find you a reason to ask me to stay.
If you want to live, Leave me behind.

Stay, Stay for the night.
But stop, facing my fight.